So, after having solved ‘Hugs within the Rain’ by Arseniy Okay, I had the thought to do a triad of parallelograms round an open again triangle twist and simply repeat that. However that felt a little bit too easy. So I combined it up a bit with some rhombuses in there as nicely. It labored out properly. 

The rhombuses  and the parallelograms on the entrance are each pure folds. 

There are small hexagonal twists on the again the place the parallelograms converge. 

The damaging triangle areas on the entrance are open again triangle twists on the again. 

The damaging rhombus areas on the entrance are rhombuses with blunted tops and bottoms on the again. I do not know what identify that form has, however you possibly can see it clearly within the picture of the again aspect. 

This mannequin was not troublesome to fold. Skinny paper labored fairly nicely. 

See beneath for a crease sample sketch.