Everybody referred to as Charlie Brown “Blockhead”, and I started questioning what that will seem like:

I had lately folded Boice Wong‘s astonishing pair of figures referred to as “Emptyhead” (I named them Dumb and Dumber), so began there, and re-familiarised myself with the crease sample, devising a smoother collapse (as I adopted the a lot criticised methodology of “parachuting” the final time).

I briefly toyed with the thought of posing him like Neo throughout Matrix’s groundbreaking “bullet time” scene, however determined to go less complicated as a result of he could be a … easy … soul.

The tough bit was to make use of minimal paper for a neck, leaving sufficient of a pleat tube to sculpt a 2×2 strong dice, and explored that geometry a bit earlier than selecting a scheme.

The mannequin is kind of a re-fold, as a lot of the mannequin is Emptyhead, so this submit doesn’t get it’s personal submit quantity, however I just like the end result an entire lot.

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