Here is an attention-grabbing tessellation sample that I just lately discovered. It appears like there are small triangle twists, but it surely’s really rhombuses which are partially folded over. 

Once I drew it out on the grid paper, it appeared fairly easy. Once I went to fold it, it was type of difficult. 

I used normal printer paper, so a extra substantial paper would possibly facilitate the execution higher. However I used to be extra focused on a getting a pleasant again mild. 

The primary circles of rhombuses twist round a big hexagon. Nevertheless, the way in which that they twist and overlap type of hides that reality. On the middle you wiid up with only a small detrimental area hexagon. 

On their outer edges the rhombuses are related by small hexagonal twists. 

When the sample is repeated open again triangle twists take up the areas between the small hexes, aligning with their axes to allow them to twist synchronously. 

All of that is made way more apparent within the crease sample that is included beneath. 

The again facet has an attention-grabbing layered impact. 

The chances within the paper are an infinite inspiration.