Here is an attention-grabbing, virtually linear flagstone tessellation that I created. It is virtually each round and linear on the similar time.

The shapes do rotate round hexes, however additionally they repeat in a sort of linear style. 

It consists of trapezoids and triangles. 4 trapezoids and two triangles per hexagonal twist. The repeats are petty commonplace. One iteration leads seamlessly into the subsequent. 

It options an attention-grabbing sample on the reverse aspect. Largely triangles, but additionally some linear connections between the trapezoids. 

It is slightly uncommon in comparison with any of the flagstone tessellations I’ve finished earlier than. Comparable, however totally different sufficient to make me suppose. 

The again aspect of flagstones at all times look extra attention-grabbing than the fronts to me. 

Your mileage might differ. 

It was slightly troublesome to fold, however nothing loopy. 

For extra perception see my crease sample under. 

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