This is a very intriguing tessellation that I discovered. I used to be fiddling round with proper triangles round a hex twist and found that structure may very well be mixed with small offset hex twists on the opposite aspect. 

So on the heart you’ll be able to see that the fitting triangles twist round a normal hexagonal twist on the reverse aspect. 

As you progress outward towards their suggestions they twist round an offset hex twist on the opposite aspect. However solely three factors from the fitting triangles converge at that location. Alongside the opposite three axes there are small triangle twists on the again aspect. 

It’s going to be extra apparent within the crease sample sketch. 

There’s a little trickery on the again aspect with getting the numerous triangle twists to work nicely collectively. Bisecting among the folds is required. That’s illustrated fairly clearly within the picture of the reverse aspect. 

There’s additionally an unlit view of the entrance, which gives extra perspective. 

Plus, I made a brief video exhibiting the tessellation rotating to again mild. 

As all the time, it is folded from a single hexagonal formed sheet of paper. No cuts. Solely folds. 

Crease sample sketch is included on the finish of this submit.