That is an fascinating little tessellation that I discovered. Primarily, it is a hex twist after which there are some extra overlapping hexes round it. It is at that time which you could create the triangle twists that overlay the preliminary folds. 

It has the same look to triangle twists round a hex, nevertheless it has some extra layers. 

I drew the crease sample to specific the completed fold in two other ways as a result of I wasn’t positive only one approach would get the purpose throughout. 

You possibly can fold this in phases. 

First the central hex. then the outer hexes. Which are not truly hexes. They’re double extensive. However once you overlay them you wind up with what resembles hex twists. 

From there you are able to do the triangle twists. They don’t seem to be simple to do in such shut quarters, however I managed okay with fairly low cost paper. 

See beneath for the diagrams.