With a gothic sartorial magnificence worthy of a Transylvanian depend, it’s not onerous to see how the Dracula parrot bought its title.

Even the swept-back coiffure matches the invoice. If it might discuss (and there appears to be no indication that it could), it could certainly be parroting “I varna drinka your blard” slightly than “items of eight”.

What do Dracula parrots eat?

However the Dracula parrot is not any vampire. It does, although, have very particular tastes. It’s a frugivore, and a really fussy one, feeding on just some specific species of fig.

The shortage of facial feathers, which makes the top seem disproportionately small, could also be an adaptation to keep away from getting matted up with sticky fig juice.

The place do Dracula parrots dwell?

Also referred to as Pesquet’s parrot, or the vulturine parrot on the premise of its unusually hooked beak, it’s endemic to the forests of New Guinea, the place it nests in massive, hole timber. It measures about 46cm in size, weighs about 700g and might dwell for 20 to 40 years.

Males have a small pink patch behind every eye, which distinguishes them from females.

The species is formally listed as Susceptible, largely on account of being hunted for its spectacular feathers.

What you are able to do

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This text by Stuart Blackman was first revealed by Uncover Wildlife on 5 December 2023. Lead Picture: Getty Photographs.

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