Subjects mentioned: Whisper-yelling at your children; Jimmy dickin’ round with a fossilized clam, then fwap! proper within the neck; how the Brits invented the sport; why Steve hates golf; “take a breath, be a predator”; when you’ll be able to inform who’s a snorer; an previous trophy that holds two and a half pints of Guinness; the Ciguatera monitoring web site; face-to-face with a goliath grouper; the cycle of mercury consumption; how Brian’s dad hates golf greater than Steve hates golf; the golfer’s relationship with the caddy; the distinction between being in good golf form and being in good athletic form; farming through the off season; what the land will get out of it; how each hunt turns into a hog hunt; golf ball accidents; Clay getting grind shamed; a heart-to-heart downside; mounted or mechanical blades?; piles of wooden geese; the film about shifting a ship; and extra.

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