This can be a tessellation by gatheringfolds that she referred to as ‘Epicenter’. 

Once in a while, I like to resolve another person’s tessellation to present my thoughts a special perspective on issues. 

It actually does assist reset my artistic course of in order that I can give you new concepts of my very own. 

It additionally retains me sharp in recognizing how one can extrapolate the construction of different folks’s completed designs. 

And it is a good respite from the generally arduous technique of pondering up and finding out a totally unknown tessellation from begin to end. 

It is a sublime design of open again hexagons and rhombuses. 

There are a number of designs that make the most of these two shapes along side each other.

This one is especially fascinating in how the rhombuses twist in a manner that just about makes them look as in the event that they’re dancing. 

The reverse aspect is solely open again triangle twists. 

My diagram follows. 

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