That is one in all my very own tessellations that I initially created again in August 2017. I known as the unique design Origami Star Tess once I posted it right here. Means again then, I did not hold crease sample sketches or diagrams on how I had folded one thing.

So, I truly needed to clear up my very own creation. Type of provides a brand new degree of stress understanding it was my mind that got here up with it within the first place. Felt like I had to have the ability to determine it out. 

I did keep in mind that the factors had been made with rabbit ear sink folds. Nonetheless, I could not bear in mind how I made the central hex star. 

Just a little experimentation later, I spotted it was a bizarre sort of collapsing hex twist that I have never actually used since then.

That start line facilitates the cascade of factors that movement out from it. With out the precise central start line, the aspect corners of the factors will not align correctly with one another. 

There are different middle shapes that could possibly be used, however that is the one which I selected. 

The middle is a bit tough to get located. It’s good to do the primary set of rabbit ears and get the primary six factors in place. Then you may twist the small hexagon down and flatten it. 

From there you simply have quite a lot of rabbit ears to fold. 

This time round I made positive to create a crease sample. Take pleasure in!