So, you’re questioning, How a lot does a bear weigh? It’s a easy sufficient query, however the reply can get a little bit difficult, seeing that it depends upon the bear’s age, species, locale, time of yr, and extra. However don’t fear. Whether or not you’re stressing over that backcountry elk hunt in Griz Nation or questioning how lengthy the publish that holds your hen feeder will maintain up the suburban bruin climbing up it, you’ve come to the fitting place.

Bears have all the time fascinated people with their sheer measurement and power, and up to date proof has proven that Neanderthals hunted and consumed bears lengthy earlier than Homo sapiens roamed the earth. Within the fashionable age, bears are the most important land predators in North America and might weigh anyplace from round 100 kilos to properly over 1,500 kilos. That’s a variety, nonetheless, so let’s break down the query of how a lot does a bear weigh by North American species.

The Bear Species of North America

4 species of bears name North America residence: black bears, inland grizzlies, coastal brown bears, and polar bears, from smallest to largest. Male black bears usually weigh between 125 to 500 pound, whereas females often weigh between 100 to 300 kilos. Inland grizzlies common 300 to 600 kilos relying on gender. Grownup coastal browns often run between 400 to over 1,200 kilos. And, lastly, the common grownup polar bears tip the scales at round 1,500 kilos, which is complete lot of bear. Right here’s a quick-guide visible breakdown:

Adobe Inventory / Discipline & Stream

How A lot Does a Black Bear Weigh?

Black bears are the smallest of the North American bear species and might vary wildly in measurement. Regardless of the title, black bears can are available a wide range of colours, together with brown, blonde, and even white. Regardless of their shade, they’re all nonetheless Ursus americanus—which is to say, black bears. Simply belief me on this half.

a large American black bear feeding in a grassy meadow
Any black bear over 500 kilos is large, however the largest ever went 900-plus. Adobe Inventory

Black bears might be present in each Canadian province and about 40 US states. Secluded populations will also be present in sure elements of Mexico. Their measurement can fluctuate drastically by the yr, with bears dropping as a lot as 30 p.c of their physique weight throughout hibernation. The largest black bear ever harvested was killed in New Brunswick in 1972 and weighed over 900 kilos area dressed.

In the event you’re trying to spot a few of the largest black bears on the continent, head to Alaska or Canada the place they’ll attain their most measurement as a result of considerable meals sources and fewer predators, however of all locations, Pennsylvania dominates the Boone & Crockett document books with 4 of the eight largest black bear entries.

How A lot Does an Inland Grizzly Weigh?

An inland grizzly stands on a steep grassy slope in Delani National Park, Alaska.
Inland grizzlies can prime 1,000 kilos, however are usually within the 300 to 600-pound vary. Adobe Inventory

Inland grizzly bears are the second-smallest bears in North America, however in the event you’ve seen The Revenant, you realize that this assertion is relative. These bears nonetheless weigh as a lot or greater than a Booner bull elk and are recognized for his or her distinct shoulder hump and aggressive nature and might simply make mincemeat out of you whether or not you’re Hugh Glass or a hiker with a man-bun. They dwell within the northern Rockies of Western Canada, all of inland Alaska, elements of Idaho and Montana, and all the Better Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Male inland grizzlies usually weigh between 600 to 1,000 kilos whereas females common between 300 and 700 kilos. Nevertheless, these numbers can fluctuate tremendously relying on the situation and the bear’s meals sources. All bears are omnivorous and might digest a wide range of diet. Whereas grizzlies eat giant prey animals, reminiscent of moose and elk, when out there, a serious portion of their weight loss program comes from nuts, berries, tubers, worms, and even grasses and bugs.

In the event you’re trying to spot a few of the largest inland grizzlies, head to the flatter inland parts of Alaska. Usually talking, mountain bears wrestle to search out as a lot diet as flatlanders, which frequently develop bigger in consequence.

How A lot Does a Coastal Brown Bear Weigh?

A huge coastal brown bear fishes for salmon in a river on Kodiak Island, Alaska.
Huge coastal brown bears, like this one on Kodiak Island, can prime 1,600 kilos. Mark A. McCaffrey / Adobe Inventory

Coastal brown bears, often known as Alaskan brown bears, are anatomically similar to inland grizzlies. Actually, they share the identical genus and species however are acknowledged as a definite subspecies, as a result of their distinctive variations in weight loss program and conduct. Most hunters and outdoorsmen take into account them separate, too, do to their measurement variations and markedly completely different habitats. These bears are discovered alongside the coast of Alaska and Canada and are omnivorous like their inland cousins. Nevertheless, each summer season, coastal brown bears famously gorge themselves on fish, predominantly spawning salmon, to pack on weight for the lengthy winters—a meal most inland grizzlies can solely dream about whereas sucking down tubers.

Male coastal brown bears generally weigh from 800 to 1,200 kilos, whereas females are usually between 400 to 700 kilos. The most important recorded wild male weighed over 1,600 pound and at over 9 toes tall, might nearly hit his head on a basketball aim when standing upright. Sixteen out of the 20 largest brown bears ever killed have come from Kodiak Island, Alaska, or the encircling islands.

How A lot Does Polar Bear Weigh?

a massive polar bear walks along a cold, stony beach in the arctic.
Polar bears are the most important of all of the North American bear species. Nick Dale / Adobe Inventory

Polar bears are large. Males generally exceed 1,500 kilos, greater than a Shiras moose, whereas females usually prime out round 700. In the event you’re enthusiastic about seeing these spectacular creatures of their pure habitat, you must head north…means north. Polar bears solely dwell within the Arctic areas of Alaska and Canada, in addition to Greenland, Scandinavia, and Russia. Simply be sure to maintain a distance as polar bears are recognized to be fierce predators and might run over 25 mph. As of now, solely native folks can hunt them with some native populations nonetheless surviving by subsistence searching, primarily of polar bears, whales, and seals.

Closing Ideas on Bear Weights

So there you’ve it—the common and prime weights of North America’s bears. Simply remember the fact that these weights can fluctuate tremendously relying on a wide range of components. So, in the event you’re nonetheless stressing about sleeping in Grizz Nation, possibly give attention to the truth that any bear that meanders into camp could possibly be a lot smaller than you most likely think about. (It could possibly be a lot bigger, too, in fact, however don’t focus that.) And at last, in the event you’re ever assembly somebody for the primary time and aren’t certain what to say, attempt “Hey, how a lot does a polar bears weigh? Sufficient to interrupt the ice. Hello I’m (your title).” You’re welcome. No cost for that one.

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