Although we admittedly do not typically goal largemouth ice bass, they supply most of the most memorable catches of the winter. And with a bit of planning, numbers of largemouth bass will be caught by means of the ice.


Whereas largemouth and smallmouth bass will be caught all winter, the early and later intervals stand out for predictable bites. In the course of the month after ice-up, mild continues to cross by means of the ice and snow cowl, and it nourishes weedbeds. Largemouth bass proceed to cruise the outer edges of weedlines underneath the ice, often burying deeper into thick fronds of coontail or milfoil.

The very best areas characteristic thick vegetation that lasts into late fall. Search for inside activates shoreline construction that drop rapidly into the 20-foot vary with edges in about 8 to 14 ft of water. You’ll be able to prospect for spots blindly or use an underwater digicam that rapidly reveals the standing of the weedbed and if bass are occupying it.

Simply as bass want lots of coaxing to strike in late fall, so do fish underneath the ice. A 3-fish day is nice, although often the fish actually activate. I catch a number of large ones early every winter on tip-ups baited with reside shiners or suckers within the 4- to 5-inch vary. Final winter, one tried to make a leap by means of the glassy 4-inch coating on its lake — simply as I set the hook.


Jigging small crappie-size jigs tipped with plastics or larvae like maggots, mousies, or waxworms will take bass throughout the late-ice interval, as will reside minnows, swimming baits like a Jigging Rapala, and perch-style jigging spoons. The final weeks of ice cowl additionally appear to set off a relative feeding spree by bass. It is arduous to know in the event that they usually feed underneath the ice, or if their opportunistic nature merely will not allow them to cross a advantageous, easy-to-catch morsel.

At late-ice, small choices are the selection for icing bass. Lures weighing from 1/32 ounce right down to 1/100 ounce are supreme, with lively plastic tails just like the Customized Jigs and Spins Ratso and Shrimpo, Tad’s Lure Puddle Jumpers, and HT Enterprises Softies.

Ice Fishing Bass

Like bluegills, largemouth bass transfer onto shallow flats with some remaining weedgrowth within the weeks earlier than ice-out. That is when you possibly can watch fish as they chunk, or else refuse your choices or lure motions. Throughout midwinter, largemouth bass are likely to wander deep flats within the 18- to 30-foot vary, or lake basins in shallower techniques.


In response to analysis research, smallmouths roam far lower than their largemouth cousins in winter. They typically type massive winter aggregations, holding alongside vertical cowl. Such faculties have been famous in water from 25 to 60 ft deep, located alongside deep rock ledges that present a cavelike habitat.

Throughout sure circumstances they are going to chunk jigs and small spoons jigged vertically of their midst. Although inactive, a small % will engulf the lure, which might carry a big catch of fish, given the quantity in some winter sanctuaries.

Due to this vulnerability, some northern states and Canadian provinces have been limiting winter bass fishing, fearing overharvest if wintering areas are closely focused. For those who do find such a spot, catch a pair fish and rapidly launch them; keep away from pounding the college for concern of inflicting delayed mortality by forcing undue exercise in torpid fish.

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