If you happen to watched the current MeatEater Florida turkey episode, you’ll know that I shot my first Osceola turkey. And also you’ll additionally know that it was an extended shot. However I felt snug and assured in that 60-yard shot due to my turkey gun set-up and ammo.

The final two seasons I’ve used a Beretta A300 black artificial 20 gauge. My A300 is a semi-auto with a semi-custom 24-inch barrel. Knocking off 4 inches from the traditional 28-inch barrel makes it that rather more maneuverable within the turkey woods, and I’m not frightened in regards to the slight loss in velocity.

I’ve topped the gun with a Vortex Venom crimson dot in 3 MOA. I’m an enormous fan of crimson dots for turkey looking. The crimson dot means that you can sight in your load simply as you’ll a bullet for a rifle. There’s no extra holding slightly left or slightly excessive to regulate for the impression of the shot. Scorching tip: all hundreds popping out of your shotgun don’t hit the identical spot. Adjusting a crimson dot is far simpler than making an attempt totally different load and choke mixtures till you discover one that you just each like and hits useless middle. The crimson dot additionally permits me to confidently take longer pokes at turkeys. Though the gun and ammo are able to killing a turkey out to 80, I want to kill them beneath 40. However beneath sure circumstances, like my Osceola hunt, I’ll shoot out to 60 yards. The small-compared to a 6 moa-bright dot permits for exact aiming.

The gun is fitted with a Carlson’s turkey choke made particularly for taking pictures TSS, which I exploit and love. I normally shoot #9 TSS. It will get me an excellent excessive pellet rely, and people little 9’s have roughly the identical velocity at 100 yards as #5 lead does at 40 yards. All this can be a huge purpose that I’ve gone to taking pictures a 20 gauge for turkeys the final three seasons. It’s loads of gun for any cheap shot, is gentle as a feather, and has minimal recoil.

You’ll see within the episode that I additionally outfit the gun with a inventory pack that has a cheek pad. I don’t want it for felt recoil discount however reasonably to lift my head larger in order that my eye higher aligns with the sight. I’ve excessive cheekbones, which, with correct cheek weld, trigger my eye to always sit beneath a sight or scope. That is vital to me as there isn’t any simpler strategy to miss a turkey than not having your head down in your gun.

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