Ah, Australia, the land of lovely fuzzy creatures like koalas and quokkas, but additionally of terrifying (however essential) creatures like crocodiles and spiders the dimensions of your hand. Lately, one Queensland resident had an sudden run-in with a scaly native. After coming into a public bathroom, the individual was shocked to find {that a} noticed black snake had managed to make their method into the bathroom bowl. Alarmed, they referred to as a snake catcher for assist corralling the reptile.

The Seize

Snake catcher and wildlife skilled Tennille Banks arrived to assist seize and relocate the noticed black snake. They’re also called Blue-bellied Black Snakes. These giant snakes are venomous and may simply attain lengths surpassing 4 ft.

The snake had made its method into the bowl of a public bathroom in Goondiwindi. The snake was possible in search of frogs, that are an essential meals supply for each the noticed black snake and its cousin the red-bellied black snake. Frogs might typically be present in public bathrooms. That is significantly true after storms within the space. Additionally it is potential that the venomous snake was merely in search of a drink or a cool place to hang around.

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A video posted to the TikTok account @wildlargrbi exhibits how she wrangled the noticed black snake. She rigorously approaches the bathroom cubicle, armed with a snake hook and a bag to include the creature. Rigorously, she lifts the bathroom lid. The big noticed black snake might be seen coiled inside. Banks then gently makes use of the snake hook to coax the noticed black snake into the particular bag. At one level, the snake seems to attempt to crawl again into the bathroom, however the snake catcher corals it again into the bag.

As soon as the snake is totally within the bag, Banks strikes out of the bathroom cubicle and secures the bag by twisting it. Though the noticed black snake makes a bid for freedom, she will coral it again into the bag. As soon as the snake has been trapped, the video cuts to indicate it being launched again into the wild. Rapidly, it slithers from the again to a fallen tree.

Is This Frequent?

In line with Banks, snakes discover their method into public bathrooms pretty continuously. In 2023, a number of tales about the sort of reptilian encounter made headlines. A rat snake was found in a Texas rest room, whereas an Arizona house owner found a coachwhip snake who had made themselves at dwelling in her bathroom. In Thailand, an enormous python received cozy within the plumbing. Discovering a snake in the bathroom isn’t just the stuff of horror films!

What To Do If You Encounter a Snake

Encountering a snake might be scary. In any case, they chew! Many snakes are additionally venomous, making them particularly harmful. Whereas it might be tempting to freak out, snake catcher Tennille Banks says that typically, the most effective plan of action is to go away the snake alone. Many snakes will turn out to be aggressive if threatened, making it extra possible that they may chew.

As a substitute of trying to wrangle a snake by yourself, it’s best to hunt help from a skilled wildlife skilled.

In case you or another person is bitten by a snake, search rapid emergency medical consideration. Even bites from non-venomous snakes might be fairly harmful as a result of threat of an infection.

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This text by Willow Lynn was first printed by One Inexperienced Planet on 10 January 2024. Picture Credit score: Marigor/Shutterstock.

What you are able to do

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