The beginning of this tessellation was the concept I had for surrounding open again hexagons with lengthy rectangles. It was from there that I had to determine find out how to make it tessellate. 

Mapping it out on some grid paper revealed that one other open again hexagon with very carefully nestled triangles might work to fill within the gaps. 

Tessellations resembling this make the most of a mixture of collapsing and twist folds. 

Collapsing folds use the grid to compress the paper into smaller shapes. 

On this case many of the work is collapsing. However there may be some twisting vital relating to the triangles near the hexagons.

Collapsing tessellations is a wholly completely different avenue of execution that may show you how to assemble completely completely different patterns with the identical frequent shapes. 

Relying on the way you conceive of them, they are often fairly easy or fairly advanced. 

On this case, it is of intermediate issue. 

For additional perception into how this tessellation and different collapsing folds are created, see my crease sample that is included under.