We’re again with the subsequent installment of the perfect origami of 2018 this time that includes mythological creatures, beings, and so forth. All of those photographs have been uploaded to the Web throughout 2018 which was just about the key standards for his or her choice.

I picked my favorite creations and you’ll vote for which one you suppose is the perfect on the finish of this publish. Voting shall be open for 2 weeks till Monday March 11, 2019.

Let’s get began!


1) Yebisu, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

Yebisu is without doubt one of the Seven Fortunate Gods from Japanese mythology and this tremendous expressive mannequin is folded from a single sheet of paper! I really like the facial features in addition to that fishing rod.


Directions not out there


2) Yatagarasu, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Ji Woo Han

Yatagarasu is a 3-legged crow additionally from Japanese mythology. This design by Satoshi Kamiya is fairly in style however that is simply the cleanest and greatest trying fold of this mannequin I’ve ever seen. The three ft and claws look incredible and I really like the pose right here as nicely.


Diagrams out there in Tanteidan Journal #157


3) Unicorn, Designed and Folded by Daniel Chang

Right here we have now a incredible unicorn by Daniel Chang. It’s all folded from a single sq. of paper, the general shapes of this mannequin in addition to the publish are glorious.

Unicorn by Daniel Chang

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4) Scaled Winged Kirin, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya, Folded and Modified by Nguyen Nam Son

This mannequin is totally unimaginable. It’s folded from a single 80cm x 80cm sq. of paper and will need to have taken eternally to fold all the person scales which aren’t a part of the unique design. The top might be my favorite half about this mannequin however the wings, tail, legs, physique and complete factor seems unimaginable.

Scaled Winged Kirin by Satoshi Kamiya

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5) Kyubi (9-Tailed Fox), Designed and Folded by Quentin Trollip

Quentin Trollip used his incredible animal designing abilities to design this nice little nine-tailed fox, one other creature from Japanese mythology. It’s folded from a single sq. of paper and I actually love the color adjustments within the design, particularly on the top.

Kyubi by Quentin Trollip

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6) Ghost, Designed by Oriol Esteve and Folded by Terry Nicolas

With this mannequin Terry Nicolas took Oriol Esteve’s sort of cute trying ghost and tried to make it look a bit extra scary. He added a nostril since cute ghosts don’t have noses, this led to releasing some hidden flaps of paper which grew to become a vampire cape. Then he added claws, reversed the 3D stomach which put it right into a extra scary pose and completed it up by giving it a extra snake-like tail.

Ghost by Terry Nicolas

Diagrams for the unique design will be present in Cease Considering – Begin Folding!


7) God of Thunder, Designed by Hojyo Takashi and Folded by Vít Masopust

I’ve at all times beloved this mannequin of the thunder god Raijin from Japanese mythology and it’s folded completely superbly right here. It’s all from one 60cm x 60cm sq. of paper and I don’t know how one can make a hoop across the head like that.

God of Thunder by Hyojo Takashi

Video directions out there from Mariano Zavala B.’s YouTube channel


8) Cerberus, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Maxi Purewal

It is a incredible, stunning and clear fold of Satoshi Kamiya’s glorious design of Cerberus, the 3-headed canine creature from Greek mythology that guards the gates to Hades.

Cerberus by Satoshi Kamiya

Diagrams out there in Works of Satoshi Kamiya 2, 2002 – 2009


9) Yatagarasu, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

Kei Watanabe additionally designed a tremendous and tremendous sophisticated Yatagarasu mannequin. Every part about that is tremendous spectacular.

Yatagarasu by Kei Watanabe

Directions not out there


10) Hell Hound, Designed and Folded by Choi Ju Younger

I actually like this Hell Hound design, particularly the top. The paper used right here is nice and I additionally fairly like the way it nearly seems like there are flames on the again.

Hell Hound by Choi Ju Young

Directions not out there


11) Winged Kirin, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Kim Ju Hyun

Right here’s Satoshi Kamiya’s unique Winged Kirin design. It’s folded completely superbly and appears tremendous majestic the best way it’s posed right here.

Winged Kirin by Satoshi Kamiya

Directions not out there


12) Kirins, Designed by Li Changqi and Satoshi Kamiya and each Folded by Icarus Zhao

There are two extra unimaginable kirin designs, this time with out wings however with scales. The yellow one is a redesign of Satoshi Kamiya’s loopy Ryujin and the pink one is designed by Li Chanqi. Completely stunning work right here, they each look unimaginable.

2 Kirins by Icarus Zhao

Directions not out there


13) The Divine Boar Inoshishigami, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Reaper

There are a variety of Japanese mythology themed fashions on this publish. That is the Divine Boar Inoshishigami and that is in all probability the perfect fold I’ve ever seen of this mannequin. The top seems actually superior, particularly the attention.

Divine Boar by Satoshi Kamiya

Diagrams out there in Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003


14) Pegasus b3.0, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Jan Groot

Right here’s a completely stunning origami Pegasus. I really like the way it seems prefer it’s about to start out operating.

Pegasus by Satoshi Kamiya

Crease sample out there from folders.jp


15) Little Satan/Satan Fork, Designed and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Hiroaki Kobayashi designed this incredible group of little paper devils. Every one in every of them is made out of a single sq. of paper and the fork itself although is a separate sq. of paper. He additionally made glorious video tutorials so you may fold these your self.

Little Devils by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Video directions for the Little Satan can be found from Hiroaki Kobayashi’s YouTube channel

Video directions for the Satan Fork can be found from Hiroaki Kobayashi’s YouTube channel


16) Basilisk, Designed by Bodo Haag and Folded by Boice Wong

That is a completely stunning basilisk. The design is incredible, it’s expertly folded and the paper used right here seems completely stunning, nearly prefer it’s carved from some sort of turquoise stone.

Basilisk by Bodo Haag

Crease sample out there from Bodo Haag’s Flickr


17) Satan, Designed and Folded by Ju Hyeong Kim

This mannequin seems fairly superb and it’s stuffed with particulars from individually folded abs to a really detailed face. That is a completely superb design!

Devil by Ju Hyeong Kim

Directions not out there


Which one in every of these do you suppose is the perfect mythological origami creation of 2018? Vote beneath!

Voting shall be open till Monday March 11, 2019. Be at liberty to vote on your personal mannequin and to encourage different folks to vote for it as nicely!


Voting is now closed.


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