There’s a purpose chickens are largely stored inside in Westray. It’s due to the good rooster catastrophe of 1952.

On 15 January 1952 winds reached twice hurricane velocity and, throughout Orkney, any free animal or susceptible roof was separated from its house owners and dumped unceremoniously out to sea.

The whole harm throughout Orkney was £512,213, 7 shillings and three pence. That’s the equal of £12,262,293.75 in 2023. It’s the chickens that are most remembered in the present day as, being lighter and extra cellular, they have been essentially the most regularly misplaced. Cattle which have been tied down sometimes grew to become airborne within the power of the persevering with blast. Chickens? Effectively, they have been misplaced endlessly.

The full losses have been:

  • 86,679 hens misplaced and seven,154 hen homes destroyed
  • 529 agricultural buildings absolutely or partially destroyed
  • 1,664 agricultural buildings absolutely or partially unroofed
  • 243 home homes absolutely or partially demolished
  • 1,247 home homes unroofed

Right here’s an advert from The Orkney Agricultural Journal concerning the supremacy of Westray eggs:

My pal Kim has arrived with some and I’ve to agree.

Westray Eggs - The Hall of Einar

They’re great. And I haven’t had to consider egg grading or different atrocities as soon as.

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