20.5 inch Smallie

Troy Smutka

Chaska MN


My brother and I had been fishing within the two-day Minnesota Match Path Mille Lacs Walleye Match, fishing for smaller walleyes nearer to the slot restrict feeding on crayfish and perch on windswept shallow rocks. Along with walleyes, we caught a 36 inch pike, and a number of other smallmouth bass together with this 20.5 incher that we estimated to weigh 5.5 kilos. We did not money a test after a really robust two days of walleye fishing, however who can complain a few smallie like this.

Species: Smallmouth Bass

Date Caught: 08/17/2013

Stored / Launched: Launched

Area of Catch: Area 1

Size: 20.5 inches


Lure / Bait used: Bait | Slip bobber and leech

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