Swordfish are a number of the ocean’s most ferocious predators, and a current Instagram video is proof. The footage, filmed on October 27, exhibits an enormous broadbill swordfish ascending from the depths to assault a squid trailing two giant sinkers on the tip of an angler’s line. See it for your self under:

“This swordfish adopted up our squid from practically 2000ft and attacked it!,” wrote avid saltwater angler Joshua Jorgenson, who shared the video on his @blacktiph Instagram web page. Jorgenson was deep-sea fishing in Jordan when he captured the footage.

The video begin with the swordfish making a beeline towards Jorgenson’s bait at breakneck pace. When it catches as much as the squid, it veers left, stabbing and thrashing it earlier than darting out of the body. The practically 10-second clip is a chief instance of how swordfish—which might weigh greater than 1,000 kilos—use their highly effective payments to impale unsuspecting prey.

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In response to the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), swordfish are a number of the quickest fish within the sea. “Their streamlined physique permits them to swim at excessive speeds, as much as 50 mph,” NOAA writes on its web site. “Swordfish feed on a wide range of fish and invertebrates similar to squid [and] seize prey by slashing their invoice backwards and forwards, beautiful or injuring prey within the course of.”

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