A latest Instagram reel shared by a Montana-based hunter exhibits simply how formidable an eagle will be in pursuit of prey. Within the quick clip, posted by @stevendrakephoto on October 20, what seems to be an enormous golden eagle swoops down on an grownup mountain goat on a vertical mountainside—however the daring goat turns to face the avian predator head on. See if for your self beneath.

“Can’t script this,” Drake writes within the caption, and he’s proper. Whereas golden eagles are identified to prey on mountain goats, notably children that get separated from nannies, it’s hardly ever documented—not to mention caught on movie.

In Drake’s video, the eagle hovers above whereas the sure-footed goat stands its floor. The mountain goat then expenses the eagle earlier than dashing throughout the steep cliffside and wheeling round to problem it as soon as once more. The confrontation solely lasts just a few seconds earlier than the quick clip cuts out.

“Noticed one thing similar to this just a few 12 months again,” wrote one of many Drake’s followers within the remark thread. “An Eagle was diving on a bachelor group of greenbacks. Fairly loopy!” One other particular person questioned if the courageous goat might need been defending its offspring from the dive-bombing chicken.

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In accordance with the Nationwide Park Service (NPS), bears, wolves, eagles, and wolverines all prey on mountain goats—particularly first-year children—and “a lot of the mountain goat’s habits is a method to keep away from these animals.” A mountain goat’s only type of protection is the near-vertical terrain it calls dwelling, as these rocky slopes are too steep for many prey species to navigate. Feminine mountain goats keep near their children in locations “the place eagles would possibly attempt to knock them off their toes,” NPS says, “however in the long run gravity and avalanches take extra mountain goats than any animal searching for prey.”

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