Borscht, a hearty and flavorful soup, is a delight by itself however pairing it with the correct aspect dishes can elevate the meal.

Whether or not you are having fun with a steaming bowl on a cold night or savoring it as a consolation meals, these 15 aspect dishes are excellent companions.

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The most effective aspect dishes to serve with borscht are bitter cream, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, shrimp and polenta, Greek yogurt, gluten free bread, rosemary bread, onerous boiled eggs, pierogis, backyard salad, farro, jasmine rice, cabbage wedges, radish chips, and yellow rice.

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1. Bitter Cream

Sour Cream

A dollop of bitter cream in borscht is nearly important. It provides a creamy, tangy ingredient that balances the earthiness of the beetroot. Because it melts into the recent soup, it creates a wonderful marbled impact, making every spoonful a creamy delight. You too can experiment with flavored bitter cream, like including a little bit of horseradish for a spicy kick.

mashed potatoes new

Mashed potatoes are a comforting aspect that pairs nicely with the liquid texture of borscht. Their creaminess and gentle taste present a soothing stability to the soup’s sturdy style. For an additional contact, add some roasted garlic or herbs to the potatoes. This aspect dish is sort of a heat hug alongside your borscht.


Garlic bread is a traditional alternative that by no means disappoints. The pungent aroma and daring taste of garlic complement the borscht’s wealthy and earthy style. For an additional burst of taste, add some chopped parsley and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on high of the bread earlier than baking. This aspect dish provides a scrumptious crunch and a taste kick that completely rounds off the borscht meal.

For a extra decadent pairing, strive shrimp and polenta. The shrimp brings a fragile, seafood taste that contrasts properly with the earthy soup. Serve it over creamy polenta, which acts as a canvas for the flavors. This mix provides a chic contact to your borscht meal, excellent for particular events or while you’re trying to impress.


Pierogis, with their smooth dough and versatile fillings, are a superb match for borscht. You may stuff them with potatoes, cheese, and even meat, providing a pleasant distinction in textures. Boil them till tender, then give them a fast pan-fry for a golden, crispy exterior. These little dumplings are a comforting addition, bringing a contact of Japanese European custom to your desk.

6. Backyard Salad

A contemporary backyard salad presents a lightweight and refreshing aspect to stability the heartiness of borscht. Combine a wide range of greens, some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and a lightweight French dressing dressing. This straightforward salad provides a crisp, clear ingredient to your meal, offering a palate cleanser that enhances the soup’s deep flavors.

Gluten free bread

Gluten-free bread is a improbable alternative for these avoiding gluten or just searching for a lighter choice. It is nice for dipping into the wealthy broth of borscht, absorbing the flavors whereas including a satisfying crunch. You may toast the bread calmly and rub a garlic clove over it for an additional kick of taste. This straightforward but efficient aspect dish respects dietary restrictions with out compromising on style.

8. Rosemary Bread

Rosemary bread, with its fragrant and earthy tones, enhances the deep flavors of borscht superbly. The herb’s piney scent and barely lemony style convey a refreshing distinction to the soup. Bake the bread with a sprinkle of coarse salt on high for a pleasant texture. It is not only a aspect; it is a approach to have interaction all of your senses within the meal.

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Exhausting-boiled eggs are a conventional addition to borscht in lots of cultures. They add protein and richness, making the soup a extra filling meal. You may both chop them and sprinkle them on high or serve them entire on the aspect. The creamy yolk mixes splendidly with the soup, creating a pleasant mix of textures and flavors.

10. Farro

Farro is a healthful grain that brings a nutty taste and chewy texture to your meal. It really works nicely as a base for a heat grain salad, tossed with roasted greens and a lightweight dressing. This aspect dish not solely provides heartiness but additionally introduces a healthful, earthy ingredient that pairs properly with the soup.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt may be a substitute for bitter cream for these in search of a tangier, thicker texture. Its creamy consistency and slight tartness add depth to the borscht. You may combine in some herbs or a squeeze of lemon to boost the yogurt. It’s a more healthy choice that also delivers on style and enhances the borscht superbly.

12. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice, with its aromatic aroma and delicate taste, is a refined but elegant pairing for borscht. Its fluffy texture makes it an excellent aspect for absorbing the soup’s savory juices. You may cook dinner it with a bay leaf or a cinnamon stick so as to add an additional layer of taste. This aspect dish is especially nice for many who desire a lighter accompaniment that does not overpower the principle dish.

Roasted or grilled cabbage wedges supply a pleasant crunch and a smoky taste. The pure sweetness of cabbage, particularly when caramelized, pairs splendidly with the earthy tones of borscht. Brush the wedges with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and roast till the sides are crispy. This aspect dish brings a country appeal and a special texture to your borscht meal.

14. Radish Chips

Radish chips are a novel and crunchy choice. Thinly sliced radishes, baked or fried till crisp, present a peppery kick that contrasts properly with the soup. They are often seasoned with herbs or just salted. These chips usually are not only a aspect dish but additionally a enjoyable, snackable ingredient that provides a energetic burst of taste.

15. Yellow Rice

Yellow rice, seasoned with turmeric and maybe a touch of saffron, brings a heat, inviting shade and a barely earthy, floral aroma to your plate. It’s a extra flavorful various to plain rice and pairs superbly with the wealthy, deep flavors of borscht. You may add peas or raisins for added texture and sweetness. This aspect dish provides a colourful and flavorful dimension to your meal.

  • Make one of the best borscht utilizing your favourite recipe.

  • Make a aspect dish from the listing above. You may eat borscht with bitter cream, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, shrimp and polenta, Greek yogurt, gluten free bread, rosemary bread, onerous boiled eggs, pierogis, backyard salad, farro, jasmine rice, cabbage wedges, radish chips, and yellow rice.

  • Serve and luxuriate in a beautiful meal 🙂

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