Z-Man Fishing Merchandise launched their Child Goat to the angling world on the Worldwide Conference of Allied Sportfishing Trades’ digital commerce present on July 14.

It instantly caught the eye of a big variety of Midwest finesse anglers.

Of their eyes, it appeared to be a easy and small beavertail or creature bait. For a few years, these anglers have been hoping to discover a alternative for a a lot beloved two- and three-inch beavertail rig that its producer ceased producing and merchandising a few decade in the past.

Upon seeing Glenn Younger’s and Ryan Tougher’s video concerning the Child Goat, we emailed Daniel Nussbaum of Charleston, South Carolina, who’s president of Z-Man, and requested him if he might ship us a pattern or two of the Child Goat to work with, totally study, and publish a gear information about it.


He replied that COVID-19 pandemic had disrupted Z-Man’s manufacturing schedule, and due to this fact, Z-Man was struggling mightily to fabricate the Child Goat and its two siblings, that are known as the Goat and the Billy Goat. However that they had manufactured just a few of them in a Watermelon-Pink hue and The Deal hue, and he despatched us just a few of them to work with.

Here’s what we found concerning the Child Goat.

There’s a tad of debate amongst just a few Midwest finesse anglers about which is the Child Goat’s anterior part and which is its posterior part.

A few of our Midwest finesse colleagues, who see it as a finesse-sized creature bait or crayfish-style bait, contend that its segmented space is its stomach or posterior part, and this space is considerably just like the stomach of a crayfish. Subsequently, its anterior is adorned with its head or cephalic and two appendages, and people two appendages are an summary rendition of a crayfish’s chelipeds or claws.

Certainly one of our Midwest finesse colleagues described the Child Goat as “a segmented stick-style bait with a heck of a tail.” In his eyes, the tail is a part of its posterior part.

A number of others see it as possessing a number of the traits of a grub that’s adorned with a forked tail.

On this gear information, we describe its posterior part as being embellished with “a heck of a tail.” Thus, in our eyes, the segmented portion of its torso is a part of its anterior, and its head is located on the tip of this segmented part. This head is the place Midwest finesse anglers will insert the hook and bait keeper of a mushroom-style jig.

As we examined and labored with the Child Goat, we concluded that it’s a multifaceted bait, exhibiting a number of the traits of a creature bait, a crayfish bait, a grub, and a stick-style bait.

Based on our measurements, it’s about 2 13/16 inches lengthy.

Its torso and head, which is about 1 13/16 inches lengthy, consists of 9 vital segments which might be considerably oval formed.

The dermis of every section is clean.

The primary section is its head. It’s about one-quarter of an inch lengthy, one quarter of an inch excessive, and five-sixteenths of an inch vast at its widest spot. Its circumference is 1 1/8 inches.

The fifth section, which is located fifteen-sixteenths of an inch from the tip of its head, is one-quarter of an inch lengthy. At its widest spot, it has a width of one-half of an inch, a circumference of 1 7/16 inches, and a peak of about five-sixteenths of an inch.

Phase quantity 9 is three-sixteenths of an inch lengthy. It has a width of a few quarter of an inch at its widest spot, a peak of about three-sixteenths of an inch, and a circumference of about seven-eighths of an inch. This section is located on the junction with the Child Goat’s forked tail.

This tail consists of two appendages that kind a forked tail, which is one inch lengthy. These appendages are flat and skinny with a thickness of about one-sixteenth of an inch. Every appendage is topped with a boot, which Glenn Younger described as being just like the curved tail that graces Z-Man’s Slim SwimZ, which is a swimbait. The size of the boot is about three-eighths of an inch, and it’s five-sixteenths of an inch vast at its widest spot. The heel of the boot is endowed with a ridge that’s five-sixteenths of an inch lengthy. Every ridge is a tiny extension of the 2 skinny and flat appendages on which the boots are molded. Three minute and pointed appendages, that are about one-sixteenth of an inch lengthy, adorn every of the ridges. The tail’s dermis is actually clean, however every of the 4 flat sides are subtly pockmarked with eight tiny pimple-like options.

From the tip of its head to the tip of its tail, the Child Goat’s dorsal and ventral areas are similar.

It’s manufactured within the following hues: Black/Blue, Canada Craw, The Deal, Inexperienced Pumpkin, Inexperienced Pumpkin/Orange, Sizzling Craw, Sizzling Snakes, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl, and Watermelon Pink.

It isn’t impregnated with salt and scent. It’s exceedingly buoyant.

It’s manufactured with a soft-plastic materials that is known as ElaZtech, which is an astonishingly sturdy materials that may enable anglers to tangle with scores and maybe 100 or extra largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and noticed bass earlier than the Child Goat will develop into too tattered and torn to remain correctly affixed to a mushroom-style jig. And if Midwest finesse anglers insert the top of a mushroom-style jig barely contained in the tip of the anterior part of the Child Goat, its sturdiness and longevity shall be enhanced; for extra details about this tactic, see the hyperlink at endnote quantity 4.

A bundle of six prices $4.99. Many of the totally different hues shall be accessible for an anglers to buy round Dec. 15.


  1. Listed here are three hyperlinks to extra insights concerning the Child Goat and its siblings on Z-Man’s web site: https://zmanfishing.com/cms/merchandise/goat; https://zmanfishing.com/cms/chatter/getting-your-goat; https://zmanfishing.com/cms/chatter/not-top-water-bait/.
  2. Here’s a hyperlink to the Z-Man’s introduction of the Child Goat and its siblings to the angling world on July 14: https://www.fb.com/ZManFishingProducts/movies/199508834824436.
  3. Midwest finesse anglers will affix it to a Z-Man’s OG Mushroom Jighead and current it to their largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and noticed bass quarries with all six of the usual Midwest finesse retrieves at quite a lot of water depths. Right here is the hyperlink to the Midwest Finesse column that explains make use of these six retrieves or slight variations of them: https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/six-midwest-finesse-retrieves/153946. What’s extra, when it’s affixed to a jig, the Child Goat will be offered to largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and noticed bass which might be suspended by using it with a vertical presentation, which is a tactic that the late and nice Guido Hibdon, who was one of many pioneers of Midwest finesse fishing, used to make use of again within the Nineteen Nineties with a tube, corresponding to his G-2 tubes, on the highland reservoirs within the Ozarks.
  4. Here’s a hyperlink to a Midwest finesse column about insert the top of a jig contained in the anterior part of the Child Goat or different soft-plastic baits: https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/Travis-Myers-Insights-About-Jigs-Tubes-and-Extra/373022. We should be aware, nonetheless, that it’s a tough chore to execute this insertion tactic with the Child Goat. 

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